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How To Make An Origami Star

The original idea of this origami star actually comes from the ‘straw stars.’ It doesn’t really matter if it’s made from paper or straws because both look great! For this origami star, all you have to do is cut out 6 strips from an A4 size paper, like Jo shows in the tutorial video below […]


How To Make An Origami Frog

Are you still looking for simple and easy origami? Allow me to introduce you to these cute origami frogs. They are perfect for kids birthday parties or simply making them for fun with the kids. If you’re a beginner, then you should check out these origami tips for beginners which will help you along the […]


How To Make A Simple Origami Flower

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If you’re a beginner to origami, the perfect way to start off is by making this simple origami flower. It’s easy and really not hard to understand and follow the instructions. Once you’ve made at least one Kusudama flower, you’ll probably have memorized the technique and folds. The best thing about this simple origami flower […]


Origami Tips For Beginners

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When I was introduced to origami, my first impression was something along the lines of, ‘wow’ and ‘that must be frustrating to make.’ Well, I was 100% correct about the wow factor however, I was terribly wrong on the second account. Origami is relaxing and in order for you to enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll […]